An open marketplace for creators to sign up, upload, and sell their digital goods
A crypto trading bot that watches Uniswap and makes trades based on user-set criteria
An iOS tweak to set your wallpaper to a random image from Unsplash.com
A web app that connects to your FireTV and acts as a remote. Uses ADB in the background
A series of videos to make iOS tweak development more accessible
Tweak Series (Tutorials)
A Flutter demo based on a Dribbble shot
Property App (Demo)
A Flutter demo based on a Dribbble shot
Cards App (Demo)
A Flutter demo based on a Dribbble shot
TechShop App (Demo)
A Flutter demo based on a Dribbble shot
Pet Store App (Demo)
A from-scratch genetic algorithm used to find the center of any gradient
An iOS tweak to display the remaining time on a Timer within the iOS control center
An iOS tweak that adds cheats to the ChineseSkill application
An iOS game based on simple mathematics. Clear all of the circles to win
An iOS game akin to asteroids. Your goal is to dodge the asteroids for as long as you can
Space Gravity
An iOS application for developing games straight from your device
Game Forger
A feature-rich VPN client for desktop based on OpenVPN (for-hire)
KnightVPN (Desktop VPN)
A VPN client for iOS (for-hire)
KnightVPN (iOS VPN)
An Objective-C API wrapper for Omnicoin, a since-passed cryptocurrency
OMChainKit (API Wrapper)
An iOS app to quickly check the price of Omnicoin (for-hire)
A web app utilizing socket.io to play YouTube videos in sync across computers and networks
This website's code
This Portfolio
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My YouTube channel
Just for fun. Made during the toilet paper crisis of 2020
Toilet Paper
Just for fun
Ice Cream
Just for fun
Crystal Skull
Just for fun
Just for fun
Crystal Shard
Just for fun
Low Poly Room
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